Packaging trays
for foods

Blister packaging for chocolates, pastry and the like.

Tailor-made for your product

Packaging trays for foods

Using Kaupert packaging trays will showcase your product perfectly and will ensure it to arrive unspoiled at your customers

Packaging trays for Food


Customized packaging solutions for your product.



Nearly all kinds of thermoformable plastic such as PP, PET, PS, PC, PVC and PLA and other plant-based and compostable films can be manfucatured into packaging trays on our thermoforminng plants.

Idea to serial production


From idea to serial production, our creative Product Development and our powerful Mould and Die Production enable us to turn around new products in record time – from prototype to serial production.

Cost-effective production


Our broadly diversified machine park will allow us to not only produce large volumes for mass production cost-efficiently.

All from one hand

Reliable Process

At Kaupert, you will receive the development of the chocolate mould, the packaging and the de-nesting system out of one hand – perfectly aligned with each other!

Packaging trays


We develop individual packaging trays, custom-fit for your product and its secondary packaging.

Food law compliant


For the packaging materials used in the food industry, we are exclusively using raw materials that will conform to the legal provisions of the applicable laws. Adequate analyses such as migrations tests are being carried out by an independent chemical laboratory. Quality and provenance of our products (including supplies) are close to our heart and are being safeguarded by our Quality Assurance Department.

Please test us!

Your tailor-made packaging tray


  • What would you like to package?
  • How many products should be packaged inside the tray?
  • What does the secondary packaging look like?
  • How many packaging trays will you require?
  • Do you have a preference for any particular film material?

We will need these indications in order to submit a quotation and to manufacture a mock-up for your new packaging tray.