Packaging of Hollow Figures
Aluminium foil packaging for hollow figures


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More than 50 years ago already, Kaupert developed stamped aluminium packaging for hollow figures. Until today, packing hollow figures in stamped or wrapped aluminium foils is a standard packaging for industrially produced chocolate hollow figures in many markets. PRAEGAL®, the patented procedure for the centrifugation of hollow figures right in the deep-drawn blister packaging, opens up new possibilities.



If you pack your chocolate in the traditional way, you might miss something! The KAUPERT company has filed a patent application, which allows the direct casting of hollow figures in the final packaging.


No complicated, subsequent packaging of the chocolate.


Transparent, printed, metallised and colored foils are available.


Thermoformed plastic films as disposable and at the same time blister packaging.


Special, precise aesthetics allows use as a decorative object.


All films used are free of bisphenol-A.

PRAEGALIT®-System seit 1960

Fancy innovation?

As early as the 1960s, KAUPERT designed the successful PRAEGALIT® system, in which the chocolate was poured directly into the plastic packaging and already spun in the final packaging. Since then, the system has been steadily improved and in today's version offers great advantages over the classic method.

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