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Individual shapes for thermoformed trays / tablets, hollow-figures, chocolates or chocolate bars based on your ideas.

Perfectly in Shape for Food and Non-Food

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Exquisite ingredients, individual recipes and innovative shapes turn your chocolate product into a delight – for the palet as well as for the eyes. As your partner, we will support you in your ambition for economic production, efficient packaging and attractive presentation. Because in Kaupert is where you will receive all these benefits out of one hand. From design development over to production of chocolate moulds on to thetray packaging and the appropriate de-nesting equipment. This is our concept for your individual requirements.

We are value-added partners for your first-class products!


Packaging for Food Stuffs – Tray packaging from Kaupert

Tray packaging for Food Stuffs

In the food industry, especially in the domain of Chocolate and Pastry, the applications of our blister and tray packaging are as manifold as design possibilities. There are almost no restrictions to colour, shape and material desires. On our thermoforming plants, almost any thermoformable plastic film can be manufactured into tray packaging, including PP, PET, PDS, PC, PVC as well as PLA and other plant-based and compostable films.

State-of-the-art technology enables us to produce precisely and forward-looking according to individual customer requests. We also offer tailor-made packaging solutions for the medical technology as well as the pharmaceutical industry.

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Food product

Chocolate moulds

We mould and produce exactly according to your expectactions. Our portfolio spans from chocolate tablets to individual chocolates, chocolate bars and Neapolitains to hollow chocolate figurines. Our creative sculptors and model designers will support your development of new shapes and chocolate products, while constantly keeping an eye on your requirements as well as on the compatibility with the large variety of production lines.

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Moulds for Tablets, Slabs and Bars

Many years of experience in the production of moulds for tablets and bars enable us to develop solutions for our customers that will satisfy any requirement.

Moulds for Chocolate Pralines

When it comes to pralines and fancy chocolate, taste and especially the visual aspect of paramount importance. 

Hollow Chocolate Spinning Moulds

Kaupert will offer a variety of different mould solutions for the manufacture of hollow chocolate figures. 

Book Moulds

The manufacture of chocolate products in book moulds requires a considerable know-how and the respect for the exact process parameters.

Non-Food products

Workpiece carriers / trays

Made to fit your product exactly, trays by Kaupert are an important component within the logistic solutions inside a company or in transport between different factory sites or branches.

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Tray De-Nesting

The versions of both types of destackers are adapted directly to your requirements or production line. Precise handling of your blister/tray allows you to benefit from optimal performance of up to 60 strokes per minute.

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