Chocolate Moulds
from Kaupert

Chocolate moulds suitable for your production lines.

Chocolate Moulds

We will shape up your chocolate!

We mould and produce exactly according to your expectactions. Our portfolio spans from chocolate tablets to individual chocolates, chocolate bars and Neapolitains to hollow chocolate figurines. Our creative sculptors and model designers will support your development of new shapes and chocolate products, while constantly keeping an eye on your requirements as well as on the compatibility with the large variety of production lines.

Chocolate Moulds


Tailor-made mould solutions for your product.

Chocolate products


We develop new chocolate products according to your specifications, suitable for your production lines.

Of model designers develop


Our model designers develop your new product with fervor and passion for detail. Only after you are satisfied, we are too.

High quality chocolate moulds


For the production of our moulds we use only high quality polycarbonate suitable for chocolate moulds. We do not use recycled material because it would be at the expense of mould life.

Try us!

Your customized Chocolate Moulds


  • Describe the product you would like to produce.
  • Do you already have a specific idea or would you like us to develop the product together with you?
  • Do you run a manual operation or do you use an industrial moulding line for your chocolate production?
  • What type of moulding line do you use?
  • What is the size of your moulds?
  • How many moulds will you be needing?

We will need these indications in order to submit a quotation and in order to develop a first preliminary design for you.

At a Glance

Our Chocolate Moulds

Together with you we develop chocolate moulds suitable for your production plants and recipes.