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Plastic parts for the Non-Food Industry

Injection-moulding toolings and components.

Kaupert produces first-class precision toolings for plastic materials.

At our Schameder Plant we have specialised in the plastic engineering domain with a focus on injection-moulded and deep-drawn parts. It is here that we can offer you a system development for components and tools and prefab parts out of 1 hand. Years of experience, well-established knowledge, skilled and trained staff as well as technically matured processes build the optimal base. We are also building precise toolings for injection-moulding as well as vacuum-forming in our In-House Tooling Departments – this is how we are able to react quickly and efficiently to your requirements.

Kaupert Plastic Technology offers a comprehensive range of products:

  • Development and construction on modern CAD-CAM systems
  • Development of models and prototypes
  • Tool and Die Making
  • Serial Production
  • Assembly and embedding of foreign components
  • Logistics and Service Performance

Exquisite ingredients, individual recipes and innovative shapes turn your chocolate product into a delight – for the palet as well as for the eyes. As your partner, we will support you in your ambition for economic production, efficient packaging and attractive presentation. Because in Kaupert is where you will receive all these benefits out of one hand. From design development over to production of chocolate moulds on to the tray packaging and the appropriate de-nesting equipment. This is our concept for your individual requirements.

We are value-added partners for your first-class products!

Dr. Ing. Kaupert GmbH & Co. KG


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Werk Marburg • Formverpackung

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