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Perfectly balanced – Design with a Personality.

Individual shapes for thermoformed trays / tablets, hollow-figures, chocolates or chocolate bars based on your ideas.

We will get your chocolate in shape! Starting with the finest chocolates to chocolate tablets to elaborate hollow figures – thanks to state-of-the-art processes we are able to implement almost any shape. Our professional sculptors and model designers will create your ideal of a shape according to your imagination. Already ahead of time, you can let yourself be inspired using our design catalogue.

Good design is not only a question of aesthetics. Functionality also plays a vital role.  Our promise is to create the best possible chocolate mould for your product and your production line. Also, we will produce customized tray packaging for chocolate, pastry and non-food items in all colours, shape or form. Your products will find the perfect and aesthetic showcase in our tray packaging all the while being safe and well-sorted.

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Fresh ideas from Kaupert.

Innovations in Chocolate Moulds and Tray Packaging.

The history of chocolate reaches back in history as far as 2,000 years - and it is still far from over. Our Praegalit system is setting yet another cornerstone, but that is still not all of it.

Here in Kaupert, we are constantly on the lookout for innovation, improvement and refinement. This is why it is important to us to work on new production methods and packaging procedures. So, for any of your suggestions or requests concerning our products, we would be delighted to develop something new together with you. Because together, we will find the best solution.

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Precise Components, Injection Tools and other Elements.

Everything from out of one hand - High-Quality Plastic Parts for Non-Food Applications.

From prototyping to serial production – Kaupert offers high-quality injection parts as well as thermoformed parts for non-food applications. Every single working stage, from first draft design to ready product, will take place under one roof. Using state-of-the-art CAD/CAM systems, we manufacture all plastic components and their injection or thermoforming tools in our own Toolmaking and Appliance Departments – matching your expectactions and processes exactly.

Please call on us for any questions on logistics or assemply of our components and plastic injection tools – we will be available for you with advice and hands-on.

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Take part in innovation – with Kaupert

We're looking for pathfinders and innovators who would like to start a career with us.

For 70 years now, Kaupert is producing indispensable products for the confectionery industry, as well as other food- and non-food areas – and we are very succesful at it. Success means growth, and growth means: We are hiring!

We are almost always looking for employees, who can just as excited as us about innovative, elegant and inspiring solutions in food- and non-food industries.

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Exquisite ingredients, individual recipes and innovative shapes turn your chocolate product into a delight – for the palet as well as for the eyes. As your partner, we will support you in your ambition for economic production, efficient packaging and attractive presentation. Because in Kaupert is where you will receive all these benefits out of one hand. From design development over to production of chocolate moulds on to the tray packaging and the appropriate de-nesting equipment. This is our concept for your individual requirements.

We are value-added partners for your first-class products!

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