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You would like to pursue a career with Kaupert, as an apprentice or a professional? We're really happy to hear that! We would like to show you what to expect from us.

Who are we?
We are an almost 70 year young company in family hands. Around 200 motivated employees at our facilities in Erndtebrück, Schameder and Marburg take care of the production and distribution of our high-class products for the confectionery industry, the automotive industry and other non-food applications.

You can be part of Kaupert's success, too.

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Kaupert in Erndtebrück

In our facility in Erndtebrück we mainly produce plastic moulds for the creation of chocolate products. These are for example chocolate bars, easter bunnies, pralines, Santa Clauses and so forth. These moulds are not the small ones that you might already know from baking cakes at home, they’re much bigger ones for the industrial manufacturing plants of our customers – many of these moulds are larger than a metre! Our customers, the chocolate manufacturers all around the globe, use hundreds and thousands of our moulds in their chocolate moulding lines.

Our professional know-how for these chocolate moulds is concentrated in our Erndtebrück facility: we design these products in-house, using CAD/CAM technology, our design engineers take care of the engineering for the moulds, and our in-house tool manufacture with HSC milling center turns it all into injection- or thermoformed tools, with which we produce our chocolate moulds in the facilities in Erndtebrück and Schameder.

We produce everything in-house and export throughout the world. We have customers on 6 continents. During some months, the export ratio in Erndtebrück can get as high as 80%! But we`re also strongly represented in Germany: If you take a look around the candy department of your average German supermarket, around 30 to 40% of the moulded chocolate products you see came from a Kaupert mould from Erndtebrück. Not many people are aware of this – but you are now.

Exciting and tightly integrated production steps as well as the combined knowledge of our employees are needed to guarantee that we can all indulge in tasty chocolate treats from time to time. Would you like to be a part of this?

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Kaupert in Marburg

Do you know that feeling, when a product does its job so well that you barely even notice that it’s there?

The things we produce in our facility in Marburg are a good example: If you open a box of chocolates, your gaze is drawn to the tasty, perfectly in form chocolates. The reason for the chocolates still looking this tasty takes a back seat: the blister packaging. But it is precisely this blister package making sure that nothing broke during transport and the good chocolates can be taken out of their box easily.

At Kaupert, we not only produce chocolate blisters. We also protect many other things that are worth being protected: Our blister packages and trays can be found in the food industry, the pharmaceutical and automotive industries and anywhere else, where packaging and transport come into play. You can find our plastic inserts in many countries, seeing that we produce more than a billion of them per year. What’s especially exciting about this task is designing blister packaging in such a way that it’s functional, aesthetically pleasing and still efficient to produce, while at the same time taking the customer’s needs into consideration.

We rise to this challenge every day, with great success – and you can be a part of it!

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Kaupert as Employer

Protecting and shaping in perfection is our passion.

Our in-depth knowledge regarding plastic moulds, blister packaging and more is one of a kind – that is why continuity plays such a big role for us. In our circle of colleagues there is almost zero fluctuation, which is something we are very happy about.

Working with Kaupert, you can expect a safe and secure employment in an exciting environment with a closely knit and reliable team. See for yourself!

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Exquisite ingredients, individual recipes and innovative shapes turn your chocolate product into a delight – for the palet as well as for the eyes. As your partner, we will support you in your ambition for economic production, efficient packaging and attractive presentation. Because in Kaupert is where you will receive all these benefits out of one hand. From design development over to production of chocolate moulds on to the tray packaging and the appropriate de-nesting equipment. This is our concept for your individual requirements.

We are value-added partners for your first-class products!

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